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Change Your Voice


Altered Studio brings a revolutionary voice technology to your fingertips, allowing you to transform your voice into a vast array of meticulously curated voices or create entirely custom vocal performances. Dive into professional voice artistry with ease and creativity, thanks to our all-in-one platform.

-Professional Voice Changer: Altered Studio provides you with a versatile voice-changing tool. Select from our carefully curated portfolio of voices or craft your unique voice to deliver compelling, professional performances.
-Altered Studio for Creators: Take full control of your creative process. With Altered Studio, you're the director, actor, and producer. Create entire multi-character productions, from hushed confidences to thundering commands, all by yourself.
-Sound Like an Actor: Elevate your vocal presence with Altered Studio. Modify your accent, add the weight of gravitas, or infuse charisma by adopting professional voices. The stage is yours to command.
-Transcribe, Translate, and Add Voice-Over: Altered Studio goes beyond voice modulation. Transcribe and add voice-over to your audio files using our Text-To-Speech technology. Translate your content into multiple languages, supporting an extensive range of dialects, via leading Voice AI providers. All within a single, accessible platform, allowing you to experiment, dub videos, or podcasts with ease.
-Focus on Creativity, Not Constraints: Say goodbye to the budgetary and logistical hassles that often accompany voice-over projects. With Altered Studio, you can concentrate on the creative experience without the burden of time-consuming processes.


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