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UX/UI & no-code web

Speak in text, see design in Figma


Chat2Design is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool revolutionizing user-interface design by seamlessly integrating with popular design programs like Figma, XD, and Sketch. Its core functionality lies in transforming user text inputs into high-quality, customized user-interface components with incredible speed and efficiency. By simply providing text input, users can generate design elements, fostering real-time, limitless design inspiration.

Unique features such as the 'Regenerate' function overcome creative blocks by offering fresh design iterations based on existing prompts. The import function facilitates the retrieval and editing of previously generated designs, allowing designers to mix and match elements for truly unique outcomes. Chat2Design's emphasis on genuine customization empowers users to specify intricate design details, including color schemes, dimensions, and complex layouts.

Beyond UI elements, the tool enables users to bring their imaginative ideas to life, creating precise vector art and logos. Fostering a sense of community, Chat2Design promotes design collaboration and feedback from a community of designers. With a focus on seamless workflow integration, it stands as an indispensable tool for designers at all levels, offering a powerful blend of creativity, efficiency, and collaboration.


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