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3D modelling



Avaturn is a cutting-edge platform designed to meet the ever-growing demand for realistic and customizable 3D avatars in the metaverse, gaming, and application development. With a robust set of features, Avaturn empowers users and developers to create, personalize, and integrate lifelike avatars seamlessly into their virtual worlds.

-AI-Powered Avatar Creation: Avaturn leverages advanced generative AI technology, allowing you to transform a simple 2D photo into a stunningly lifelike 3D avatar. Say goodbye to generic avatars and embrace a more immersive digital presence.
-Endless Customization: The platform offers a plethora of options for personalization. Tailor your avatar's body type, hairstyles, attire, and accessories, resulting in more than 10,000 unique looks. Your avatar, your identity.
-Seamless Export Capabilities: Avaturn lets you export your avatars as 3D models, ensuring compatibility with popular 3D environments like Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya, and Cinema4D. Take your avatar wherever you need it.
-Animation-Ready Avatars: Avaturn avatars come equipped with a standard humanoid body rig, ARKit blendshapes, and visemes. They seamlessly integrate with Mixamo animations and VTubing software, making them ideal for creating captivating animations and virtual experiences.
-Developer-Friendly Integration: For game and app developers, Avaturn provides a unique opportunity to integrate its AI technology as a plugin. Transform gamers into in-game characters while preserving their true identities, enhancing the immersive qualities of your digital products.


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