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Database management

Synthetic Data. Better than real.


Real data struggles? Say hello to synthetic data, the smarter solution. It's more accessible, adaptable, and, quite simply, ingenious.

What is Synthetic Data?
Synthetic data is the artificial counterpart of your real data, appearing and feeling just like the real deal. With MOSTLY AI, you can expand, shrink, rebalance, or augment your synthetic data to perfection.

What Synthetic Data is NOT:

It's not mock data; it's far more sophisticated.
It retains the structure and statistical properties of your real data.
It can seamlessly replace your real data without compromise.

Why Synthetic Data Wins Over Anonymization:

-Synthetic data maintains privacy with no 1:1 relationship to the original data.
-It's a smarter, safer alternative to legacy data anonymization methods.

Where Does Synthetic Data Fit In?
MOSTLY AI connects to your data storage, whether in the cloud, data warehouse, data lake, or RDBMS. Transform, synthesize, and share directly from our platform for a wide range of applications, from BI and AI/ML to collaboration and more. Synthetic data opens up limitless possibilities.

Revamp your data strategy with the brilliance of synthetic data—access, adapt, and excel like never before.


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