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Redefining Audiovisual Interaction


Alphy redefines the way you engage with audiovisual content, making it as accessible as written material. By leveraging cutting-edge speech-to-text technologies and large language models, Alphy seamlessly transcribes, summarizes, and empowers users to create contextually aware search engines on top of videos and recordings.

Speech-to-Text Precision:
Alphy ensures accuracy in transcribing audiovisual content by employing cutting-edge speech-to-text technologies. This feature enables users to easily consume and search for information within the transcribed text.

Summarization for Insight:
Beyond transcription, Alphy excels in summarization, condensing lengthy content into insightful summaries. This not only saves time but also enhances the comprehension of key takeaways.

Contextually Aware Search Engines with Arc:
Alphy introduces Arc, a unique AI-assisted search engine that users can effortlessly build. By curating content similar to creating a playlist, Arc becomes an intelligent information retrieval tool, answering questions based on the user's curated corpus.

Alphy's user-friendly interface simplifies the process of submitting links or uploading recordings, initiating the creation of transcriptions, summaries, key takeaways, and mini AI assistants. The vision of Alphy is to democratize access to information within audiovisual content, making it as readily available and interactive as written material. Experience the future of content interaction with Alphy, where spoken and written content seamlessly converge.


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