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Business assistant

Reliable AI Q&A Chatbot


Hey there! Let me introduce you to ChatofAI, the chatbot that's all about boosting your efficiency! 😄

With ChatofAI, you can transform imported data (files, webpages, text) into interactive Q&A sessions. Think of it as having a super-smart chat buddy at your fingertips, ready to answer your questions. And hey, you can also use it as a ChatGPT if you want to have some fun! 😂 Pretty awesome, right? 🚀

But wait, there's more: 🤖️

1️⃣ Powerful data parsing: ChatofAI have enhanced parsing capabilities to support tables in PDFs, Docs, scanned PDFs, and web pages, enabling AI to access more readable data for improved responses. We will continue to expand parsing capabilities in the future.
2️⃣ Reliable AI Assistant: Get ready for spot-on responses every time. ChatofAI is trained to provide reliable and precise answers. Plus, our QA mode ensures the credibility of the information provided. Your reliable AI assistant! Every response, backed by citations.
3️⃣ Integrate with Your Tools: Integrate into your Websites, Apps, and tools like Slack, Telegram, and easily have a 24/7 AI assistant.

We're constantly working to make ChatofAI even better and enhance your efficiency because we're committed to making life easier for you! 🦊

Ready to experience the magic of ChatofAI? Give it a try today and start engaging in enlightening conversations! 💬


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