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Supercharge Learning with Book Insights


Findsight is a pioneering search engine designed to transform the way you interact with non-fiction content by focusing on claims, the core arguments made by sources. This innovative approach enables you to delve deeper into various viewpoints, explore diverse perspectives on critical issues, and craft your own unique learning journey. Findsight not only allows you to identify and compare claims from multiple sources but also offers seamless navigation to related claims and original source materials, such as books or articles. This method is known as syntopical reading, and it empowers you to extract rich insights from the vast sea of knowledge.

Exceptional Summarization: Findsight leverages state-of-the-art, large language models to deliver top-notch summarization. By extracting key claims with a meticulous approach, it ensures the highest fidelity to the source's intent, minimizing inaccuracies inherent in AI-generated content.
Robust Hybrid Search: Findsight employs a custom search engine tailored specifically for non-fiction content. This approach seamlessly blends traditional text search with AI-powered retrieval, offering you highly relevant results for your inquiries.
Emphasis on Discovery: Findsight's mission is not just content consumption but also discovery. It serves as a springboard to uncover valuable insights and curate collections of books or articles for deeper exploration. While collections of claims provide a glimpse into source content, Findsight recognizes that these claims can't capture the full context, which is why the platform encourages you to delve further into the source materials.


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