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Voice editor

Stop wasting hours editing your podcast

Clean Voice

Meet Cleanvoice, your podcast's new best friend. This artificial intelligence is on a mission to perfect your audio recordings. It doesn't matter if you're podcasting in English, German, French, or even with a charming Australian or Irish accent—Cleanvoice detects and eradicates filler sounds, pesky mouth sounds, and bothersome stuttering to give your podcast a polished, professional touch.

Multilingual Excellence: Filler Sound Remover

In multiple languages, Cleanvoice shines. It's a master at detecting and removing filler sounds like um's and ah's. Plus, it's all-inclusive, working seamlessly with various accents from around the globe. So no matter where your voice takes you, Cleanvoice has you covered.

Seamless Sound Quality: Mouth Sounds & Stuttering Removal

Say goodbye to clicking, lip-smacking, and frustrating stuttering. Cleanvoice detects these audio imperfections and banishes them from your recordings, ensuring your listeners enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted experience.

Engage Your Audience: Dead Air Remover

Long silences, also known as "dead air," can bore your audience. Cleanvoice comes to the rescue by identifying and shortening these excessive pauses, keeping your listeners engaged and eager for more.

Total Editing Control: Timeline Export

Are you a hands-on editor who likes to have the final say? Cleanvoice understands. You can export your timeline and let Cleanvoice assist you in understanding the changes you'd like to make. This collaborative approach gives you more control and saves precious time during the editing process.


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