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Data analysis & spreadsheets

Find your ideal leads with AI

Altero AI

Altero AI stands as the epitome of the world's most comprehensive B2B search engine, revolutionizing the way you discover business opportunities. With a robust AI that analyzes millions of data points from the web, Altero AI empowers users to search companies based on size, location, similarity, growth rate, source code, job listings, and more.

B2B Search Engine:
Navigate through an expanding universe of companies with Altero AI's B2B search engine. Filter results based on location, growth, business model, industry, and other parameters, ensuring precise and tailored searches.
In-Depth Research Simplified:
Bid farewell to manual research efforts. Altero AI's AI synthesizes data from the public web, delivering detailed research on any company effortlessly. Save time and delve into comprehensive insights without the manual workload.
Proprietary Data Tracking:
Altero AI keeps tabs on key metrics such as search interest, headcount, job listings, and more. This proprietary data tracking unveils unique trends and insights, providing a deeper understanding of the business landscape.
Endless Coverage Initiated Swiftly:
Initiate coverage on any company within minutes. Just provide a website, and Altero AI's AI takes the reins, ensuring prompt and extensive coverage.
Similar Companies Exploration:
Discover companies similar to your existing customers with Altero AI's "Similar Companies" feature. Enhance your strategic approach by identifying businesses with comparable characteristics.
Spot Emerging Trends:
Altero AI goes beyond data analysis to synthesize vast amounts of information, unveiling rising companies and sectors. Stay ahead of the curve by spotting emerging trends and ensuring your business strategy is always one step ahead.


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