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3D modelling

Your 3D superpower


Animant is your gateway to a world where AR comes alive. With 3D scans, room capture, AI-powered animations, and a complete studio, we empower you to create interactive 3D experiences seamlessly blending your real world with the virtual one. Say goodbye to tool complexities; focus on your story, while Animant takes care of the rest.

-AR Excellence: Animant leads the way in AR. Create interactive 3D experiences that seamlessly blend your real world with the virtual, opening doors to boundless imagination.
-Complete Studio: Beyond a tool, Animant is your all-in-one studio. It equips you with everything you need for an enchanting 3D content workflow.
-Versatile Object Capture: Easily generate detailed 3D scans of real-world objects using your camera. Import these into your scenes or export them for other apps.
-Privacy Priority: Your privacy is our concern. Animant collects no personally identifiable data, not even your name, safeguarding your personal information.
-Realism Made Simple: Achieve realism effortlessly with external lighting options and physics support. Animant ensures your scenes blend seamlessly with reality.
-On-the-Go Creation: Animant renders scenes and Sensei requests on your device, enabling online and offline creation wherever inspiration strikes.
-Captivating Captions: Enhance your scenes with Markdown-formatted captions. Animant goes the extra mile by reading them aloud, weaving them into your storyline.
-Realistic Textures: Easily add realism. Create textures from photos and apply them to objects. Set panoramic photos as your scene's environment for a more immersive experience.


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