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Code assistance

Code Generator & Assistant AI


CodeComplete is dedicated to creating an AI code assistant tailored for Enterprise customers, similar to Github Copilot. What sets CodeComplete apart is its self-hosted approach, allowing the assistant to run on the customer's own servers.Key Features:Self-hosted infrastructure: CodeComplete's AI code assistant runs on the customer's own servers, ensuring enhanced security and privacy.Customization options: Fine-tune the assistant to align with the customer's codebase and coding style, leading to better integration into their workflow.IP control: Self-hosting grants customers greater control over their intellectual property.Improved security: Running the assistant on the customer's infrastructure reduces potential risks associated with cloud-based services.Private beta access: Interested customers or individuals within their network can contact CodeComplete to participate in the private beta and explore the AI code assistant's capabilities.Use Cases:Enterprise code assistance: Enable developers in enterprise settings to leverage an AI-powered code assistant tailored to their specific needs.Enhanced security and privacy: Address data security and privacy concerns by opting for a self-hosted solution.Workflow integration: Customize the code assistant to seamlessly integrate into the customer's existing developer workflow.Intellectual property protection: Retain control over intellectual property while utilizing AI-powered code assistance.CodeComplete's self-hosted AI code assistant offers Enterprise customers enhanced security, privacy, customization options, and IP control.


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