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Social media & content creation

Convert product links into engaging videos

Link In Video

QR-Powered Product Videos is a sophisticated tool designed to empower e-commerce businesses by transforming product URLs into dynamic videos with embedded QR codes. These videos serve as compelling marketing assets, seamlessly guiding social media followers directly to product pages without the need for professional video editing skills.

The tool simplifies the video creation process, requiring users to upload product images or paste online store links. Utilizing AI, the tool generates high-quality videos that showcase the provided images effectively. A distinctive feature is the ability to incorporate scannable QR codes within these videos, eliminating the need for additional "link in bio" features and providing a direct path to product pages.

After sharing videos on social media platforms, users can track conversions and access detailed analytics, gaining insights into viewer engagement, product performance, and overall sales impact. Beyond crafting engaging product videos, this tool serves as a powerful engine for increasing traffic and driving sales to product pages through visually appealing and strategically crafted content.


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