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Game assets

Your 3D AI Co-Author


Meet Verticle, the revolutionary Generative 3D platform that opens the doors of 3D asset creation to everyone, from game developers to CG artists. What sets Verticle apart is its conversational interface, introducing an entirely new way of generating 3D assets. It's not just a tool; it's your AI co-author for 3D design, a creative sidekick that brings your ideas to life. With Verticle, you can shape your creative universe using your words, witnessing your imagination seamlessly transform into tangible 3D objects.

Generative 3D Platform: Verticle empowers users with a generative 3D platform that simplifies asset creation for games and CG. It's the bridge that connects imagination to reality.
Conversational Interface: The conversational interface of Verticle transforms 3D asset creation into an exciting experience of AI co-authorship. Communicate your vision, and watch it come to life.
AI Co-Author: Think of Verticle as your AI sidekick for 3D design. It doesn't just follow your commands; it collaborates with you, adding a touch of AI creativity to your projects.
Shape Your Universe: Verticle lets you shape your creative universe with words. Describe your vision, and see it materialize as intricate 3D objects, elevating your creative endeavors.
Speedy 3D Prototyping: Join the journey of rapid 3D prototyping with Verticle. It accelerates the creative process, bringing your ideas to life faster than ever before.
Experience AI Co-Authorship: Visit to explore and experience the world of AI co-authorship in 3D asset creation firsthand. Dive into a realm where your imagination meets AI innovation.


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