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Database management

Your database has joined the chat

Raw Query

Raw Query introduces an innovative way to interact with your database using state-of-the-art AI, just like chatting with your team members. Your data assistant is here to simplify your tasks.

-Effortless Data Interaction:

Whether you need to identify your latest Pro Plan customer, update client email addresses, or add new sales, Raw Query handles it all. Chat with your data for quick and easy results.

-Query Your Data:

Find out the email addresses of the last five clients who signed up for your product or export data as a CSV file with ease.

-Add and Update Data:

Raw Query is intelligent enough to insert new data into your database, seeking your confirmation before proceeding. It's equally capable of updating your data should the need arise.

-Streamline Your Workflow:

Raw Query is designed to save you time, eliminating the complexities of creating extensive internal tools or waiting for reports. Connect your database with a simple connection string and simplify your data management.

-For Developers:

Don't waste valuable time creating a stack of internal tools. With Raw Query, simply paste your connection string and get the job done efficiently.

-For Business Intelligence:

Raw Query understands your language, eliminating the need for you to learn database jargon. No more hunting for internal tool links or grappling with complex software – just have a conversation with your data.

-Simplified Connection:

All you need is your connection string, and within seconds, you're conversing with your data. It couldn't be easier.

-Custom Plans:

Raw Query offers tailored plans for everyone, from solo founders and small teams to large-scale enterprises with unlimited seats and databases. We have the perfect plan for your needs.


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