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Business assistant

AI Assistant that brings it all together


Xembly, the comprehensive suite of skills that harmoniously automates a wide range of interconnected tasks, allowing you to reclaim your valuable time, stay organized, and concentrate on what truly matters. Here are the key features that make Xembly your ultimate productivity partner:

Frictionless Scheduling: Say goodbye to scheduling headaches with Xembly's conversational AI assistant, Xena, which effortlessly manages everything from simple 1:1 meetings to complex scheduling requests across email, Slack, and scheduling links.
Precise Meeting Notes: Xembly filters out non-critical information and captures the most vital meeting moments, including action items with tagged owners and deadlines, along with video clips of key moments, whether your meetings are in-person, remote, or hybrid.
Smart Task Management: Replace static "Focus" time blocks with Xembly's Task Manager, which automates task tracking and relevant time blocking, increasing task completion rates by 26%.
Actionable Recommendations: Xembly understands your priorities and provides recommendations to enhance productivity throughout the day.
App Integration: Sync Xembly with your favorite workflow tools, eliminating manual copying and pasting. Whether it's Jira, Salesforce, Clickup, Notion, or others, Xembly seamlessly integrates to optimize schedules and improve team alignment.
Enterprise-Ready: Built with enterprise-level compliance and security in mind, Xembly offers customizable data retention, a strict policy against using company data for model training, and a hybrid cloud infrastructure for full data control.
Simplify Your Toolbox: Replace multiple niche productivity apps with Xembly, which provides context across your workday and priorities, eliminating the need for disjointed point solutions and saving you time and money.


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