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Video editing

The online video editor


Kapwing is driven by a steadfast mission: to empower digital storytelling. We firmly believe in the potential to enable everyone to become a creator, adept at crafting, editing, and sharing video content. Our commitment to this vision fuels the development of a collaborative online tool, meticulously designed for the purpose of video editing and content creation.

Picture yourself as a creator, armed with remarkable content. You've invested time and effort into filming, recording, and meticulously editing your video masterpiece. Now, you stand on the brink of sharing it with the world.

But then, a realization dawns upon you: simply posting it once won't suffice. You're in the home stretch, but your content isn't truly complete until it graces platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and beyond.

This is where Kapwing steps in. It's your solution to seamlessly edit your video and adapt it flawlessly for each channel, enabling your content to reach a wider audience. With Kapwing, your content evolves from "done" to "finished" as it gains visibility across multiple platforms.

Kapwing is your online video editing ally, offering robust support for a powerful, non-linear editing workflow. You can effortlessly upload images, audio, and videos, all seamlessly integrated into one unified editing space.

What sets Kapwing apart is its online accessibility, allowing creators to access and edit their content from any device or location. Gone are the days of painstakingly transferring files locally; Kapwing ensures that your work is automatically saved in the cloud. When it's time to export your creation, simply relax as the process unfolds effortlessly in the cloud, streamlining your workflow.


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