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Business assistant

Your workplace AI assistant


Noty enhances your productivity and collaboration. Here are some key features to help you take control over your work and elevate your team's performance:

Seamless Integration: Noty natively integrates with Google Workspace and Zoom, bridging the communication gap with meeting summaries, action plans, to-do lists, and instant transcriptions that are ready for your team to collaborate on.
AI Transcription: Say goodbye to losing valuable meeting data. Noty offers AI transcription for Google Meet and Zoom, free of charge for all users, ensuring that your business-critical call information is preserved forever.
AI Note Taking: Stay 100% focused during meetings with Noty's hands-free AI note-taking. No need to jot down important insights; simply highlight them with one click and share them effortlessly with your team.
Time Savings: Save precious time spent on call summaries and task assignments. Noty generates AI transcript summaries, tasks, and decisions for you in seconds, eliminating the need for manual recap.
Automated Follow-Ups: Writing follow-up emails after a call becomes a breeze with Noty. It will draft a follow-up email with your highlights and automatically include all call participants, ensuring nothing is missed.
Collaboration: Collaborate on meetings even after they're over. Share meeting transcriptions, highlights, and summaries with call participants and teammates within the Noty application or export them to Google Docs for a streamlined workflow.
Noty isn't just another tool; it's your dedicated workplace AI assistant that empowers professionals across various domains, from project management and UX/UI research to sales, product management, HR, and engineering. It's time to make every meeting count and supercharge your post-meeting productivity with Noty.


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