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Data analysis & spreadsheets

Talk to your data for data analytics


STRING, a powerful data analytics tool, is crafted to accelerate decision-making. It boasts flexibility in data analysis, enabling users to query and analyze data from any source, irrespective of its structure or format. This adaptability ensures a comprehensive approach to data analysis, catering to diverse data types and structures.

A standout feature of STRING is its interactive communication, allowing users to engage with their data for quick insights and conclusive outcomes. The platform offers private alpha access, providing users with an exclusive opportunity to test its capabilities before wider release.

STRING fosters a vibrant community on platforms like Slack, Twitter, and LinkedIn, enhancing collaborative support. It caters to a spectrum of professionals, including data analysts seeking flexibility, decision-makers drawing insights from diverse sources, and businesses aiming for data-driven excellence.

In essence, STRING stands as a versatile tool, prioritizing flexibility, interactivity, and community collaboration. It empowers users to navigate the data analysis landscape with ease, making informed decisions faster and more efficiently.


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