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Play your music – ScoreCloud notates!

Score Cloud

Unleash the power of music notation like never before with ScoreCloud, the pinnacle of intelligent music notation software. It effortlessly transforms your melodies and tunes into beautifully crafted sheet music. Whether you're a composer, musician, or educator, ScoreCloud simplifies the art of notating music.

Seamless Score Generation: ScoreCloud makes the transition from audio or MIDI to sheet music as simple as a breeze.
Composition Flexibility: Arrange, edit, and fine-tune your musical creations with ease, resulting in professionally notated music.
Effortless Printing and Sharing: Print, export, and share your musical scores with collaborators, students, or fellow musicians.
Singing and Playing Integration: With ScoreCloud Songwriter, you can sing and play your music into a single microphone, and our AI will generate a lead sheet complete with melody notation, lyrics, and chord symbols.
Versatile Usage: While initially designed for singer-songwriters, it's adaptable for various purposes. Guitarists can extract chords from mp3s, educators can create classroom materials, vocalists can generate piano sheets for auditions, and much more.
ScoreCloud Studio: Create, edit, and arrange music using audio or MIDI inputs, offering a robust platform for creating band, choir, or ensemble arrangements. It provides a rich set of editing tools to achieve the results you desire.
ScoreCloud Express: For those on the go, the ScoreCloud Express app for iPhone and iPad allows you to notate your musical ideas wherever inspiration strikes. Sing, hum, or whistle a melody, and the app transforms it into notation, syncing your creations with your ScoreCloud account for further development.


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