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Code assistance

AI Pair Programmer


AskCodi is an AI-powered coding assistant designed to revolutionize the way developers approach programming. The platform offers a plethora of features aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency. One of its standout features is "Codi Chat," a seamless AI-powered chat where programmers can craft code conversations. This is complemented by "Codi Workbooks," which are Jupyter-style notebooks perfect for developers.

The platform also offers a range of AI-powered extensions, including code generation, autocomplete, and quick code suggestions. It supports all major programming languages and offers seamless integration with popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, and Sublime Text. AskCodi aims to increase productivity by reducing repetitive processes and freeing up time for high-value activities. It also places a strong emphasis on privacy and security, offering top-notch tools designed for developers.

AskCodi is not just about code generation; it also offers a high-performance toolkit for developers, including features like "Fast API" and "CNN TensorFlow," which are designed to enhance performance. The platform has received positive reviews for its reliability and the quality of the produced code. It's described as a time-saver that eliminates the need to search forums for solutions, providing ready-made answers instead.


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