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AI for Daily Tasks


TypistAI is a versatile platform designed to bring the power of AI to your daily tasks. Whether it's customer support chats, email writing, Google Sheet queries, or content writing, TypistAI aims to simplify these tasks using ChatGPT technology. The platform is not limited to specific applications; it can be ported to any site you prefer, making it a highly adaptable tool for various use-cases.

One of the standout features of TypistAI is its wide range of applications. From generating emails with a single prompt in Gmail to creating LinkedIn posts in seconds, the platform offers a multitude of functionalities. This makes it a valuable tool for professionals who are looking to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency.

Another key feature is its native integration with popular apps. TypistAI works seamlessly with your favorite applications like Gmail, Google Sheets, and LinkedIn, among others. This ensures that you can use the platform without having to switch between different apps, making your tasks more manageable.

The platform also offers a lifetime license for $49, ensuring that users have long-term access to all its features. This pricing model makes it a cost-effective solution for those who are looking for a one-time investment to simplify their daily tasks.


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