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Game assets

Generative AI for 3D professionals


Polyhive stands as a game-changer in the realm of 3D content creation, reshaping the way professionals operate and delivering unparalleled efficiency gains. This innovative platform has already saved thousands of hours for 3D artists and creators, and here's how:

Massive Time Savings: Texture mapping a thousand 3D assets manually is a painstaking and time-consuming endeavor. With Polyhive, you can reduce this grueling process by more than 90%, drastically cutting down on hours spent.
From 2000 to 500: By adopting Polyhive, the manual texturing process evolves from taking 2000 hours to just 500 hours, enabling professionals to allocate their time more effectively and focus on creativity.
Automation Revolution: Polyhive automates your organization's 3D workflows, driving unprecedented efficiency in content creation. It's a time-saver at scale, offering significant improvements in artist productivity.
The Studio Plan Advantage: Polyhive's Studio Plan is tailored to enhance productivity across the board. It optimizes 3D content creation time, making it a matter of minutes rather than hours.
Contact Sales: For businesses looking to revolutionize their 3D workflows and enhance their productivity, Polyhive provides the solution they need.
Total Time Reduction: Reduce manual 3D texturing time by more than 90%, transforming the laborious into the lightning-fast, creating production-quality assets in minutes.
Precision and Control: Polyhive's AI Canvas, Preview Process, and 3D Inpainting features empower users with the best of both worlds – harness the power of generative AI while maintaining creative control over the outcome.
Customization for Your Workflow: Polyhive adapts to your specific art style and graphics pipeline seamlessly. With customizable AI models, support for a wide range of file types, and a potent API, Polyhive effortlessly integrates into professional graphics workflows.


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