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Human resource

AI-Driven Employee Experience Platform


Leena AI is an advanced employee experience platform designed to revolutionize the way enterprises operate. The platform is powered by WorkLM™, Leena AI's proprietary large language model, which streamlines knowledge management, takes actions across systems, and provides intelligent analytics. The aim is to boost productivity and efficiency across the organization.

The platform addresses the challenges of traditional workplaces, which often run on broken systems and scattered information. Employees frequently struggle to access the right answers at the right time, leading to a disjointed organization. Leena AI aims to solve these issues by providing an AI assistant for every employee, helping them get work done more efficiently.

Leena AI offers a range of functionalities, including service delivery, EX analytics, and knowledge management. It integrates with various departments such as Finance, Sales, IT, Human Resources, Operations & Supply Chain, and Legal, making it a versatile solution for enterprises. The platform helps manage information scattered across several systems and platforms, empowering teams to succeed in a fast-paced, information-driven world.

One of the standout features is its ability to uncover enterprise insights. Leena AI's work assistant enables you to gain data-driven insights and make informed decisions. It uncovers patterns and trends, empowering you to drive strategic initiatives, optimize operations, and achieve better business outcomes. The platform also offers solutions to streamline HR initiatives, automate HR tasks, enhance employee engagement, and optimize HR processes with AI-powered solutions.

Leena AI is trusted by over 10 million employees from 400+ organizations across the globe. It has received industry recognition and customer trust, being featured in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Integrated HR Service Management Solutions. The platform is also GDPR compliant and offers secure data hosting on Amazon Web Services & MS Azur


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