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AI Singing Voice Conversion


Sunflower, the groundbreaking VST by Sunflower Industries that revolutionizes the realm of musical creativity. Elevate your vocal productions with the first-ever Realtime Voice Conversion (RVC) VST, designed for M1 Macs with VST & AU support, and Windows compatibility on the horizon. Transform vocals into AI voices in your digital audio workstation (DAW) with unprecedented near-realtime playback, allowing instant adjustments for a seamless creative process. Sunflower offers unlimited generations, eliminating concerns about running out of credits, and provides royalty-free voices cleared for commercial use. Dive into a realm of possibilities with custom models support, allowing you to bring your own or leverage community-created models. Explore new vocal horizons, from refining and altering your own voice to auditioning unavailable singers or even crafting entirely new voices. Sunflower Industries is committed to ethical usage, empowering individual artists to explore fresh modes of expression and pushing the boundaries of musical technology.

Key Features:

Realtime Conversion: Near-realtime vocal-to-AI conversion with instant playback in your DAW.
Unlimited Generations: Convert as many voices as you want without limitations, with both previewing and bouncing options.
Royalty-Free Voices: Access voices cleared for commercial use, with partnerships and additional high-quality voices in development.
Custom Models: Load your own custom models in standard format, fostering flexibility and community collaboration.
New Vocal Possibilities: Explore creative transformations, improve your voice, audition singers remotely, and even create entirely new voices.
Ethical Vision: Sunflower Industries values ethical usage and empowers individual artists, fostering innovation in musical expression for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.


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