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Video editing

Online video editing universe

Nova AI

Introducing a straightforward yet robust video editing application, tailor-made for marketers but designed to be user-friendly for all. With this online platform, you can effortlessly crop, cut, trim, add text, subtitles, transitions, and much more—all without the hassle of installations.

Explore some of the most popular tools on the platform:

Auto Subtitle Generator: Automatically generates subtitles to enhance the accessibility and reach of videos.

Automatically Resize Video: Seamlessly resizes videos to fit various platforms and devices.

Download SRT Subtitles: Allows users to download SRT subtitle files for videos, making them compatible with a wide range of players and platforms.

Hardcode Subtitles: Imprints subtitles directly onto videos for a seamless viewing experience.

Text to Speech: Converts text into speech to add voiceovers or narration to videos.

Translate Subtitles: Effortlessly translates subtitles into different languages to broaden audience reach.

Video Cutter: Precisely cuts and edits videos to create engaging content.

Youtube Cutter: Tailors videos for YouTube by easily cutting and optimizing them for the platform.

The team behind this platform consists of experts from diverse business backgrounds, spanning finance, creative production, and technology, all deeply entrenched in the media and entertainment industry. Together, they've crafted a user-friendly yet potent A.I.-driven video editing and content management platform that's here to elevate video workflows and save valuable time.

Join them on this journey to simplify video editing, enhance the content creation process, and make video projects shine like never before.


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