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Video editing

Online video editor, fast & easy


Create captivating social media videos effortlessly with Zubtitle's user-friendly online editor. Our platform simplifies video editing, adding subtitles, trimming, and repurposing with ease.

Streamlined Video Editing: Craft visually stunning content for social media using Zubtitle's powerful yet straightforward online video editor.

Headline Highlights: Start strong with captivating headlines using our built-in Text Editor to engage your audience instantly.

Auto-Subtitle Engine: Seamlessly add and edit subtitles with our auto-subtitle engine, offering control over text and timing.

Efficient Repurposing: Extend your reach across social platforms with Zubtitle's comprehensive video repurposing tools, optimizing your content for each platform.

Resize & Crop: Quickly adjust your video's aspect ratio for various social media platforms, ensuring seamless display.

Precision Trimming: Highlight attention-grabbing segments with our robust trimming tool, keeping your content engaging.

Build Your Brand: Infuse your unique branding into videos to stand out and establish recognition among your audience.

Logo Integration: Easily incorporate your custom logo or watermark with a drag-and-drop editor, enhancing your brand's visibility.

Custom Styling: Use brand fonts and colors, add a progress bar, and save templates for efficient editing, making your content truly yours.

Captivating Muted Experience: Grab viewers' attention, even when muted, as Zubtitle ensures your content remains engaging.

Zubtitle empowers you to create compelling social media videos quickly and efficiently, ensuring your content shines in the ever-evolving landscape of social platforms.


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