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Video editing

Short video creation

Opus Clip

Introducing Opus Clip, a revolutionary generative AI video editing tool that brings lengthy videos to life with viral short clips at the click of a button.

Imagine transforming extensive video content into a series of engaging, shareable clips effortlessly. Opus Clip accomplishes this feat by leveraging cutting-edge technology, including the power of GPT-4, to redefine the way content creators approach video content creation.

Opus Clip features a proprietary curation model, driven by the latest GPT advancements, that dives deep into video content, meticulously identifying the golden moments scattered throughout. It then artfully rearranges these gems into self-contained viral short clips that are bound to captivate the audience.

But Opus Clip is more than just a tool; it's a movement to democratize video content creation. They believe that everyone, regardless of their background or technical expertise, should have the ability to share their stories and passions through video. With Opus Clip, there's no need to be a seasoned content creator or a video editing guru; you just need a story to tell and the desire to share it.

What sets Opus Clip 2.0 apart is its remarkable AI curation upgrades and precise reframing capabilities. Thanks to these enhancements, Opus Clip now generates an impressive 25 high-quality shareable clips from a single hour-long video.

Let's dive into some of the key features:

1. New AI Curation: Opus Clip's AI is now more adept than ever at identifying crucial topics and highlights within your footage, ensuring that the resulting short clips are exactly what you desire.

2. New Auto Reframe (available in July 31): This feature intelligently tracks moving subjects and screen-sharing elements frame by frame, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in your clips.

3. Free Plan (available in July 31): In addition to their 120-minute free trial of the Essential plan, they're thrilled to offer a completely free option for everyone, allowing users to experience


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