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Image generator & image editor

Design custom art in minutes.


Lorai stands as a pioneering AI tool, designed to empower users in training their own LoRAs (Low-Rank Adaptations) without the need for coding. This tool extends the capabilities of stable diffusion models, enabling the generation of highly customized art tailored to individual preferences.

Code-Free Interface:
Lorai prioritizes user-friendly design, allowing individuals to create art without the necessity of coding skills. The emphasis on simplicity is integral to democratizing the creation of AI-generated art.
Enhancement Through LoRAs:
Users can elevate existing art by applying LoRAs, resulting in refined and personalized artwork. Lorai facilitates this process with a straightforward interface, ensuring accessibility for a broad range of users.
Model Size Efficiency:
Lorai distinguishes itself by utilizing LoRAs instead of fine-tuning models. This approach significantly reduces model sizes, with an example showcasing a remarkable decrease from 3.84 GB to 4.78 MB. This reduction is advantageous for resource efficiency.
Time-Efficient Workflow:
The tool expedites the art creation workflow by offering a selection of base models. Lorai claims to save users substantial training time, reducing the process from 5 hours to a mere 10 minutes. This efficiency underscores Lorai's commitment to optimizing user experience.
Versatility in Artistic Transformation:
The tool showcases its capabilities through a before-and-after comparison, transforming a base model's artwork into alternative pop album cover art. This practical demonstration highlights the versatility and creative potential Lorai brings to users.


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