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Human resource

Your AI powered virtual recruiter


Introducing Holly, your cutting-edge AI recruiter assistant revolutionizing the hiring process. Holly operates on auto-pilot, continuously learning and adapting to your recruitment needs. With access to a vast pool of over 750 million profiles from platforms like LinkedIn, AngelList, and GitHub, Holly employs AI-driven matching to streamline candidate discovery. This powerhouse assistant follows a best-in-class recruitment process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Let Holly redefine your approach with features like unparalleled sourcing, hyper-personalized outreach, and smart screening. Discover 10 great candidates in under 2 minutes, as Holly utilizes her capabilities to automatically book interviews and engage candidates through multiple channels. Experience a shift from tedious manual tasks to a focus on what truly matters – finding the perfect hire. Here are some key features:

AI-based Sourcing:

Save time by letting Holly source ideal candidates from a pool of 750 million profiles.
Natural Search:

Utilize your job description or natural language for candidate searches without complex booleans.
Conversational Voice:

Receive feedback through a conversational voice, enhancing the vetting process at scale.
Automatic Outreach:

Eliminate the need for multiple tools; Holly handles outreach, finding email addresses and booking interviews.
Multi-channel Messaging:

Leverage a multi-channel outreach campaign across platforms like LinkedIn and Email.
Smart Screening:

Filter through inbound applications efficiently, ensuring your focus is on candidates who fit the role.
Integrated in your ATS:

Seamlessly integrate Holly into your Applicant Tracking System for a cohesive recruitment workflow.
With Holly, experience a more efficient, personalized, and impactful hiring journey – focus on quality candidates and provide a better overall candidate experience.


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