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Video generation

Create Shorts from YouTube Links


The ultimate solution for effortless shorts creation! With just three clicks, AICO ensures a hassle-free experience, requiring no credit card and allowing you to start right away on the web without any installations. Here's what makes AICO stand out:

🚀 Hassle-Free Experience in 3 Clicks

No credit card required; start creating shorts instantly on the web.
Video presets ready for immediate creation, even if you don't have your own video.
🎬 Boost Your Channel with AI-Generated Shorts

Generate multiple AI-powered shorts from a single YouTube link, attracting 70% more subscribers.
AICO handles everything from editing to posting in one convenient platform.
⏰ Save Time with AICO Automation

Let AICO do the work for you with multiple presets for instant video creation.
🌟 Exciting Features Coming Soon

Foreign language detection and automatic translation for a wider audience.
Crop area recommendations for easy face positioning in videos.
Insert YouTube comments capture for effective audience engagement.
Legacy Title styles supported, with more subtitles and video effects on the horizon.
🔍 Smart AI Enhancements for Your Videos

Different subtitles for every speaker, recognizing and allocating specific effects for each voice.
AI title suggestions to boost viewership with catchy titles.
AICO mobile app for seamless compatibility between your phone and PC.
💰 Unlock New Opportunities with Shorts

Leverage the power of shorts in channel promotion with 88.2% of view counts and 70% of channel acquisitions.
Perfect for beginners; AICO makes video editing easy, starting with your phone videos.
Monetize your shorts with YouTube's new policy for additional revenue streams.
Share your short videos across multiple platforms, from TikTok to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more.
🕒 Short but Powerful – 60 Seconds to Channel Growth

Shorts are a must for channel promotion and gaining new subscribers – kickstart your journey with AICO today!


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