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Learn Like an Apprentice: New Extension


Introducing ExplainDev, your personalized AI assistant designed to supercharge your coding journey. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, ExplainDev equips you with the insights and knowledge you need to excel.

-Code Demystified:

Say goodbye to cryptic code. ExplainDev translates complex code snippets into plain, understandable language. No more scratching your head over lines of code – gain clarity instantly.

-Contextual Answers:

Got a burning technical question? ExplainDev provides context-specific answers right where you need them. No more sifting through documentation or forums – the information you seek is at your fingertips.

-Guided Learning:

Wondering what to learn next? ExplainDev offers tailored guidance, ensuring you're always on the right path to upskilling and staying independent at work.

-Learn Like an Apprentice:

At its heart, ExplainDev follows the apprentice model of learning. It's a relationship-driven approach that empowers you with hands-on knowledge and the confidence to tackle any coding challenge.

-Boost Confidence, Slash Questions:

Early adopters of ExplainDev have experienced a remarkable 50% reduction in the number of questions they ask their senior developers during onboarding. With ExplainDev, you can feel confident about new code from day one.

-Code Insights in Your Browser:

ExplainDev's Chrome extension is your coding companion across the web. It deciphers code and answers your queries on platforms like GitHub, Stack Overflow, documentation, config files, and various learning sites.


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