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Image generator & image editor

Create by blending any images & text


Artbreeder is a groundbreaking creative tool that redefines the way users approach artistic expression and collaboration. Originally conceived as Ganbreeder, this platform began as an innovative experiment harnessing the power of breeding and collaborative methods to explore complex creative spaces. Drawing inspiration from the research of Picbreeder and the creative potential of crowds showcased in Facebook Graffiti, Artbreeder has evolved to become a dynamic hub for artistic exploration and creation. Key features of Artbreeder include:

Collaborative Creativity: Artbreeder simplifies collaborative creativity, making it easier for users to join forces and explore artistic realms together.
Diverse Image Models: Users can access a wide range of image models, including anime, albums, furry, science bio art, and paintings, all thanks to the contributions of the vibrant Artbreeder community.
Introduction Video: An engaging introduction video created by Ian Strandberg provides an overview of the platform's capabilities and potential.
Open Source Version: Artbreeder offers a minimal open source version using BigGAN, ensuring that its creative technology is accessible to a broader audience.
Cutting-Edge Technology: At the heart of Artbreeder lies the power of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), with BigGAN and StyleGAN models serving as the technological backbone.
Specialized Models: Special thanks are extended to various contributors who have produced specialized image models, such as landscapes, enhancing the diversity and richness of creative possibilities on the platform.


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