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AI & Blockchain solutions


Accubits Technologies is a global solution provider enabling enterprises to apply artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in their business context.Key Features:Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development: Offers comprehensive suite of solutions including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics.Blockchain Development: Provides custom blockchain development services, having worked with over 200 companies in the past six years.Product Development: Handles everything from concept to launch including strategizing, designing, developing, testing, deploying, and supporting scalable solutions.Technology Consulting: Uses latest technologies, deep industry insights and global expertise to help businesses of every size thrive by creating impactful solutions.Enterprise Solutions: Enables businesses to automate processes, gain real-time insights, improve customer experiences, and optimize operations for better efficiency and profitability.Use Cases:Developed a comprehensive hotel booking application for Tinggal Hotels.Developed a Defi Flash Loan App for Reltime that allows users to lend and borrow money.Built Vow's native cryptocurrency and a cutting-edge crypto wallet app for Vow Limited.Deployed an end-to-end crisis management system for the Government of Cameroon.Developed an economical smartphone-based spirometry app for CIPLA pharmaceuticals.Helped Aveza Consulting build an integration hub for business process automation.Accolades:Recognized as one of the most promising Brands of 2021 by The Economic Times.Won the Frost & Sullivan Award for the �Most Promising Blockchain Developer of the year' (in Logistics & Supply Chain).


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