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Welcome to Merlu, the dynamic trading service that rides the waves of the volatile virtual asset market. Named after the French hake fish, known for its quick adaptability, Merlu employs cutting-edge AI algorithms to empower users with efficient trading decisions based on market trends and data analysis.

AI Algorithm Trading:
Precision Trading: Merlu's AI algorithms offer users a sophisticated trading system, ensuring precision and efficiency in decision-making.
Real-time Alerts: Stay ahead of market fluctuations with real-time trading alerts powered by advanced algorithms.
B2B Liquidity Supply:
Comprehensive Solutions: Adopting a B2B liquidity supply service model, Merlu provides institutional clients with comprehensive liquidity solutions.
Market Impact Reduction: Our services are designed to minimize market impact and reduce trading costs for institutional clients.
Why Merlu?

Adaptability: Embrace the adaptability of Merlu, akin to the hake fish, in responding swiftly to market dynamics.
AI-Powered Precision: Rely on Merlu's AI algorithms for precise and data-driven trading decisions in the unpredictable virtual asset market.


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