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Image generator & image editor

Create unique imagery from short text


At Midjourney, we're on a relentless quest to push the boundaries of creativity and expand the frontiers of human imagination. As an independent research lab, we've dedicated ourselves to harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technology, focusing primarily on design, human infrastructure, and artificial intelligence. With a team of 11 passionate individuals and a network of brilliant advisors, we're shaping the future of imaginative expression. Here are some key features and steps to embark on your Midjourney adventure:

Diverse Community Collaboration: Join thousands of like-minded creators on our Discord server, where you can collaborate to conjure up new worlds, craft extraordinary characters, and visualize unique imagery from concise text descriptions.
Seamless Access via Discord: Log in to Discord through your preferred platform - web browser, mobile app, or desktop app. Make sure your Discord account is verified before joining the Midjourney Discord server.
Subscription Plans: To start generating captivating images with Midjourney, subscribe to a plan that suits your needs. Visit, sign in with your verified Discord account, and choose from our subscription tiers, including Basic, Standard, Pro, and Mega, each offering distinct features and pricing.
Interact with the Midjourney Bot: After joining the Midjourney server, explore our dedicated channels, such as #General and #Newbie, specially designed for beginners. In these channels, the Midjourney Bot is ready to bring your creative visions to life.
The /imagine Command: Unleash your imagination with the /imagine command on Discord. Simply type '/imagine prompt:' in the message field, describe the image you envision, and send your message. The Midjourney Bot will interpret your prompt and begin generating captivating images, all while adhering to our Community Guidelines.


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