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Code assistance

Desktop AI Coding Assistant


CodeCompanion.AI is a desktop application designed to serve as a personal coding assistant. Powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT, the platform aims to streamline project management and coding tasks. It offers a chatbot interface that can execute shell commands, generate code, handle database queries, and review existing code. The platform is designed to be available anytime, right on your desktop, making it a convenient tool for developers.

One of the standout features of CodeCompanion.AI is its ability to read, write, and update existing or new code. It can run terminal commands and read output, use natural language to search the entire codebase, and even search the web for up-to-date information or documentation. It can extract relevant information from websites, either on user request or autonomously when needed to complete a given task.

Another key feature is its multi-lingual and multi-platform support. CodeCompanion.AI supports multiple programming languages, operating systems, platforms, and frameworks. It even understands several human languages, making it a versatile tool for global teams. The platform is capable of executing shell commands, automating various tasks like project setup, file creation, code updates, installations, or deployment, and providing answers based on your entire codebase.

Privacy and security are also a focus for CodeCompanion.AI. Your database data and code are never sent to any backend servers or third parties except for OpenAI API. All data for the app is stored locally, ensuring user privacy and data security.


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