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Financial analysis & planning

Simplified Finance Market Research

AlphaWatch Ai

We're thrilled to introduce AlphaWatch AI, a cutting-edge research platform fresh out of YCombinator. Designed for financial professionals, this FREE AI-powered platform redefines the landscape of financial research. It's all about precision, reliability, and accessibility, and the best part? It's entirely FREE during our beta phase. With unrestricted access during the private beta, AlphaWatch AI ensures you stay at the forefront of knowledge. Powered by trusted data sources, it covers over 3000 global stocks, making it the go-to choice for knowledge workers seeking dependable, citation-backed insights.

1. YCombinator-Powered Innovation:
AlphaWatch AI emerges from the renowned YCombinator, a testament to its innovative pedigree.

2. FREE AI Research Platform:
AlphaWatch AI offers a revolutionary FREE research platform for financial professionals, guaranteeing accessibility without compromise.

3. Unrestricted Beta Access:
During the private beta phase, you enjoy unrestricted access to AlphaWatch AI, ensuring you have the tools you need for informed decision-making.

4. Comprehensive Data Sources:
Trained on trusted news sources, sell-side reports, SEC filings, and earnings transcripts, AlphaWatch AI is a robust platform with a wealth of data.

5. Global Stock Coverage:
Covering over 3000 global stocks, AlphaWatch AI provides a wide scope for professionals in the financial world.

6. Citation-Backed Insights:
AlphaWatch AI is tailored for knowledge workers who seek reliable, citation-backed insights for their decision-making processes.

7. Precision and Reliability:
With a focus on accuracy and dependability, AlphaWatch AI is designed to provide financial professionals with the insights they can trust.


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