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Social media & content creation

Your AI Content Marketer


Skott is an AI content marketer designed to enhance a brand's digital presence and generate more leads. It uses advanced technologies to extensively research new topics each day and create SEO-optimized blog posts, which are then automatically repurposed for 20+ marketing channels with text, image, audio, and video.


Increased Online Visibility: Skott helps maintain a consistent and uninterrupted online presence, crucial for building brand authority and customer loyalty.

Efficiency: Skott frees up human resources by automating routine and time-consuming tasks, enabling focus on higher-level strategic planning.

Scalability: Skott effortlessly scales operations to meet varying content demands without additional resource allocation.

Customization and Security: Skott offers extensive customization options and can be securely deployed on private clouds, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Use Case:
• Extensively research new topics daily
• Write SEO-optimized blog posts
• Re-purpose blog & create 5 social media posts per channel
• Publish blog and social posts across 20 channels

Skott is an enterprise-grade automation designed on the Lyzr Agent Framework. As a user, you have complete control over the prompts, LLMs, analytics, and, most importantly, your data.

• Learns & improves continuously
• Long term memory retains preferences & guidelines
• Conducts thorough research
• Generates human-like content
• Toxicity controller filters unsuitable language
• Accepts feedback & iterates


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