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Voice editor

Instant and Affordable AI Voiceovers


EASY.DX revolutionizes the game development landscape with its AI-driven tool designed to streamline the creation of authentic voiceovers. The user-friendly dashboard empowers developers to effortlessly shape distinctive character voices, manage game audio, and export precise audio clips. Offering a choice between custom voices crafted from uploaded samples or a library of AI-powered voice actors, EASY.DX stands out for its versatility, enabling game creators to generate instant, high-quality audio that seamlessly integrates into their projects.

One of EASY.DX's key advantages lies in its potential to optimize both time and budget for game developers. By eliminating the need for extensive recording sessions, retakes, and costly studio time, the subscription-based model offers a cost-effective solution. The tool also proves invaluable during the development cycle, providing realistic placeholders that enhance the gaming experience while final voiceovers are still in progress. Set to launch in mid-August, EASY.DX holds the promise of revolutionizing the voiceover creation process, making it more accessible, efficient, and budget-friendly for game developers seeking to elevate the audio experience in their projects.


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