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Video generation

Generate video from image, text, video


Lumiere, developed by Google Research, stands at the forefront of video generation with its cutting-edge space-time diffusion model. Specifically designed for realistic, diverse, and coherent motion, Lumiere introduces three key functionalities: Text-to-Video, Image-to-Video, and Stylized Generation.

In Text-to-Video, Lumiere dynamically interprets text inputs, generating videos that vividly portray the provided prompts. Similarly, the Image-to-Video feature starts with an input image, serving as a foundation for video generation. Lumiere's Stylized Generation imparts unique styles to videos, using a single reference image and leveraging fine-tuned text-to-image model weights.

What sets Lumiere apart is its distinctive Space-Time U-Net architecture, allowing it to generate an entire video in one pass. This differs from many existing models, ensuring temporal consistency without compromising video quality.

Lumiere finds versatile applications across scenes and subjects, including animals, nature, objects, and people, often placing them in novel or fantastical situations. Its potential spans entertainment, gaming, virtual reality, advertising, and any scenario demanding dynamic and responsive visual content. Lumiere marks a groundbreaking leap in video generation technology.


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