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Data analysis & spreadsheets

Open and Explore Large CSV

Tomat AI

The website, Tomat, offers a user-friendly solution for opening and analyzing CSV or Excel files without the need for coding. It emphasizes simplicity with an easy step-by-step interface, making it accessible even for those familiar with spreadsheet applications.

No File Upload Hassles:
Open files of any size directly within the Tomat app without the need to upload large files to the Cloud, eliminating the hassle of ZIP files and time-consuming loaders.
Intuitive Step-by-Step Interface:
Utilize a point-and-click UI that allows users to perform data distribution analytics effortlessly. If you've worked with spreadsheets before, you can start working with Tomat right away.
Drag-and-Drop Data Manipulation:
Add visual steps to your data exploration process with ease. Filter, sort, or group rows using intuitive drag-and-drop steps, enabling users to become data professionals without the need for coding.
Effortless File Merging:
Merge multiple sheets or files into a single table seamlessly. Stack tables or add columns from one table to another without the complexity of formulas.
Save Results and Create Charts:
Save cleaned and filtered data back to CSV or Excel formats effortlessly. Additionally, create and download visually appealing charts to share valuable insights derived from the data.
Tomat AI Assistant:
Leverage Tomat's AI assistant to automate tasks such as data enrichment, translation, sentiment analysis, cleanup, or categorization. This personal AI assistant streamlines the data analysis process, allowing users to offload tasks to an intelligent system.


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