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3D modelling

Create Textures With Poly


Welcome to Poly, where cutting-edge AI technology empowers you to generate 3D materials and design assets with ease. Whether you're an individual creator or part of a team, our free online editor and community library offer you the tools to revolutionize your design process. From materials to color palettes, we're powering the next generation of design, shortening design cycles from days to hours.

-Effortless 3D Materials: Poly's AI-driven platform simplifies 3D material generation. Our free online editor and community library provide abundant 3D resources, turning your creative ideas into reality.
-Instant 3D Assets: In seconds, create a wide range of 3D assets using Poly's AI. Expedite your design process, leaving more time for creative pursuits.
-Customizable Textures: Access unlimited, high-resolution 3D textures with commercially-licensed rendering maps. Poly's AI ensures your designs have the materials for a flawless finish.
-AI-Powered Creativity: Poly, driven by proprietary AI, lets designers craft fully original assets in mere hours, bypassing days of work.
-Diverse Asset Types: Beyond 3D materials, generate icons, illustrations, and more. Poly offers an all-in-one design solution.
-Seamless Plugin Integration: Easily incorporate Poly into your favorite design tools. Our plugins streamline your workflow.
-Palette Perfection: Poly's AI aligns with a palette of up to 8 colors, ensuring your designs achieve perfect harmony.
-Style Consistency: Poly's AI can match your existing assets, maintaining consistency throughout your designs.
-Effortless Collaboration: Collaborate effortlessly with your team on asset generation, sharing, reviewing, and editing within the platform.


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