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3D modelling

Empowering Personalized 3D Experiences


Spheroid AI Avatars revolutionizes the world of augmented reality by offering users a powerful tool to effortlessly craft and personalize 3D avatars endowed with speech, conversation, and interactive capabilities. This innovative technology allows users to seamlessly integrate their avatars into the real world, employing voice chat and interactive controls for engagement. With applications spanning customer service, entertainment, education, advertising, and business, Spheroid AI Avatars empowers users to curate unique and engaging experiences through customization of avatar appearance, voice, personality, and behavior.

The creation process is streamlined, involving the selection of a real-world space, choosing a 3D model from the library or uploading a custom one, and fine-tuning personality traits before publishing the avatar for interaction. The XR Hub augmented reality app serves as a gateway for users to view and interact with their avatars on mobile devices, while the Spheroid Warp tool simplifies the creation and deployment of AR/XR content globally. This technology not only offers practical applications for customer service and business but also enhances learning experiences, fosters creativity, and adds an element of fun to augmented reality interactions.


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