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Debugging & error handling

AI Incident Management


Resolvd stands as an advanced AI-powered incident management platform, meticulously designed to revolutionize the incident response process. Crafted by seasoned engineers, it offers automated capabilities like root cause analysis, data aggregation, and dynamic runbook creation, significantly reducing the time spent on incident response. By intelligently correlating events across various data sources, Resolvd expedites investigations and minimizes alert noise, empowering engineers to resolve issues swiftly.

A standout feature is its ability to automate 80% of manual log review processes, providing developers with crucial insights and allowing them to focus on addressing the core problem. Resolvd centralizes data and logs, simplifying querying with advanced semantic search capabilities for enhanced process efficiency. The platform's commitment to proactive incident response is evident in automated anomaly detection, where AI filters out noise, ensuring a targeted focus on critical issues. Resolvd seamlessly integrates with systems like Slack and Jira, delivering log insights within existing workflows, solidifying its role as a comprehensive tool for organizations striving for excellence in incident resolution.


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