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Debugging & error handling

AI Code Review: Refactor & Debug


Metabob revolutionizes code review by employing advanced AI, combining the power of Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) and Large Language Models (LLMs). Our proprietary GNNs understand both semantics and relationships within code, providing a comprehensive input representation. Meanwhile, LLMs like GPT predict the next likely token, enhancing code comprehension.

Metabob's AI, trained on millions of developer bug fixes, boasts deep code logic understanding. It detects complex, cross-codebase issues and generates automated fixes, addressing hundreds of logical problems, from race conditions to edge cases. Traditional static analysis tools fall short in detecting these issues.

With seamless integration into your workflow, Metabob enhances code quality, reliability, and security. Experience higher developer productivity and a boosted critical error detection rate, surpassing conventional static analysis tools like Sonarqube and linters. Welcome to the future of code review with Metabob!


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