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Personalized Fitness: Ardor Advantage


Experience personalized fitness like never before with Ardor. Our AI-driven platform is meticulously trained to build workouts tailored exclusively for you. Benefit from a free 3-month trial and unlock the potential to predict your strength, adapt to your lifestyle, and track your real progress seamlessly.

Your Interests:
Mix and match fitness styles into a single program that represents your unique preferences.
Change your workout routine whenever you want to focus on something different.
Your Lifestyle:
Control the intensity and duration of every planned workout.
Adapt your fitness routine based on your energy levels and time constraints.
Your Levels:
Ardor's AI predicts how long it will take you to complete various workout styles.
Challenge yourself to beat the AI's predictions and track your evolving capabilities.
Your Abilities:
Automatic scaling ensures you receive workouts tailored to your current fitness level.
Get programmed exercises that match your abilities for a challenging yet achievable experience.
Your Equipment:
Ardor maximizes programs based on the equipment you have, eliminating worries about availability.
Supports multiple gym equipment lists, ensuring flexibility in your workout routines.
Your Workouts:
Receive personalized workouts generated on-the-fly, with the option to generate a new one instantly.
Access a library of 500+ videos and exercises to keep your routine diverse and engaging.
Your Schedule:
Adapt Ardor to your unique schedule, whether you have a strict routine or a more unpredictable one.
Perfect for shift workers or those with varying schedules.
Real Progress Tracking:
Utilize an easy-to-use, consistent workout tracker across all your fitness sessions.
Spend less time on your phone and more time focusing on your workout


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