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Code generation

Swift Generation of Next.js Applications

Full Stack AI

Full Stack AI introduces an AI-powered Command Line Interface (CLI) designed to expedite the creation of full-stack Next.js applications. This tool streamlines the development process by transforming user prompts into fully functional web applications, complete with a sophisticated tech-stack including TypeScript, Tailwind, Prisma, Postgres, tRPC, and Stripe.

The CLI, managed by Full Stack AI, allows developers to initiate app development projects with minimal commands. The resulting application comes with pre-configured authentication and Resend functionalities, resembling popular web applications. Developers have full control over the modification of the generated boilerplate code to meet specific project requirements.

This tool significantly reduces the time from conception to deployment, making it invaluable for rapid prototyping or initiating Next.js projects. While Full Stack AI takes care of backend setup, developers retain control over utilization aspects, including choosing the deployment platform.

As an open-source project, developers can contribute to Full Stack AI on GitHub. The tool imposes no restrictions on the number of applications one can build or the complexity of the projects, providing flexibility for diverse development needs.


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