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Code assistance

The modern coding superpower


Codeium offers a free AI-powered toolkit for developers with the Enterprise Plan, aimed at enhancing and accelerating various aspects of software development. Key features include:

High-Quality AI Tools: Codeium provides developers with secure and high-quality AI tools, facilitating faster and more efficient software development.
Flexible Deployments: It allows for flexible deployment options, and developers can also choose to self-host their AI tools.
Online Playground: A free online playground is available for users to experience Codeium in action without the need for sign-up.
Nonpermissive Code Filtering: Codeium ensures it doesn't use nonpermissive code, like GPL, to protect users from legal risks, distinguishing it from tools like Github Copilot.
Comparison: Users can compare Codeium with other AI coding tools, such as Github Copilot and Tabnine, to make informed decisions.
Free for Individuals: Codeium's basic version is entirely free for individuals, with no hidden catches or costs.
Security and Privacy: The platform prioritizes security and privacy, offering best-in-class products without compromising personal data.
Codeium aims to streamline various software development tasks, ranging from code writing to debugging and documentation, by harnessing AI advancements. It empowers developers to turn ideas into code quickly, iterate efficiently, and enhance productivity. However, it's important to note that Codeium does not replace developers; they remain in control and responsible for all generated code, and manual testing and review are still essential.


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