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The ultimate AI chatbot builder


With Droxy, a versatile platform designed to revolutionize your digital interaction experience. With its seamless integration of the latest AI models, Droxy transforms various content sources into a dynamic chatbot, ready to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're an educator, content creator, business professional, lifelong learner, or community manager, Droxy equips you with a powerful AI companion. Here are some key features that make Droxy an invaluable addition to your AI toolkit:

Upload Any Content: Easily import resources from diverse sources like PDFs, YouTube channels, custom videos, and websites to build your chatbot's knowledge base.
Customize Look and Persona: Tailor your chatbot's appearance and personality to match your requirements, making it the perfect assistant, coach, or companion for your audience.
Effortless Sharing: Share your chatbot with a single click, choosing between password protection for exclusivity or public access for wider outreach.
Website Integration: Seamlessly embed your chatbot into your website, enhancing visitor engagement and user experience.
Discord Integration: Extend your chatbot's reach by integrating it with platforms like Discord, fostering meaningful interactions within your community or business.
Droxy General Chat: Elevate your conversations with AI-powered Droxy Chat, offering a range of AI models to suit your unique conversation needs.
Interact with Resources: Maximize learning and analysis by directly engaging with resources like PDFs, videos, and websites through your chatbot, simplifying content understanding.
Content Generation: Enhance content creation with an AI-powered editor, simplifying tasks like condensing ideas, providing detailed insights, translation, and creative analogies.
Droxy caters to an array of use cases, from educators providing 24/7 personalized learning experiences to content creators offering an immersive way to engage with their work. It helps businesses share internal knowledge eff


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