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Financial analysis & planning

AI Copilot for Financial Analysis


Welcome to Avanzai, your AI copilot for accelerating financial data analysis, whether you're a beginner or an expert. With the power of plain English and AI-driven insights, we enable you to swiftly navigate the world of financial data analysis. From visualizing data to generating code and leveraging widely-used Python packages, we've got you covered. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional analysis and dive straight into enhancing your investment decisions with precise and current information.

1. Streamlined Data Visualization:
Avanzai empowers users to accelerate financial data analysis by providing a plain English interface. Quickly visualize data, whether it's time series data, equity index members, or stock performance data, using natural language prompts.

2. AI-Generated Code for Efficiency:
Skip the tedious parts of financial analysis with AI-generated code that comes equipped with relevant Python packages. You can further edit the code to suit your needs and then seamlessly integrate it into your local environment to get down to business.

3. Plain English and Python Packages:
Avanzai leverages widely-used Python packages for quantitative analysis, such as Pandas and Numpy, all using plain English. You can effortlessly perform tasks like pulling Tesla's EBIT per share since 2015 with ease.

4. Elevating Financial Analysis:
Avanzai takes your financial analysis to the next level by swiftly providing fundamental data and performance calculations for nearly all US stocks. Enhance your investment decisions with precise and up-to-date information.

5. Expanding Data Universe:
Avanzai is constantly growing its data universe to cater to an array of data analysis needs. Currently supported types of data analysis include FX and equity trading history, equity fundamental data, index constituent rankings, and index sector-level rankings.


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